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Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars

organize my comic books (read all 4 entries…)
2006 Plans

For 2006, I still have a backlog of boxes from Westfield that I have to open and sort through. Beginning this week, make sure I open at least one box a week, check them off, and file them in long boxes.


JudithKD Requests no links, tweets, or shared content ...thx!

Hey Todd

I assume you have a source for sleeves, comic book storage boxes, backer boards, etc?

If not, let me know, I know two bag folk and one that does all of it boxes, backer boards, etc.


Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars

Got It Covered

Thanks Judith. I do have a good source for it where I get them for a very nice discount. And thanks for reminding me of this goal, as I’ve been slacking on it.

Rawhide Kid

I have amost the complete colletion of the Rawhide Kids..

I loved his style. I may have stole it.


Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars

Stylish Cowboys

I liked Rawhide Kid, Kid Colt Outlaw, Two-Gun Kid and Batlash (pictured). I’ve got the complete Batlash series, but didn’t really work on completing my westerns like I did the horror and super-hero series.

So what did you think of Marvel’s latest Rawhide mini where they turned him gay?

Waterfall Nymph Making plans - cracking skulls.


So how’s this goal going anyway? I seem to put bagging my comics on my to do list every week!

Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars

Not Well

I did go through quite a few of my backlog, but then I got busy and haven’t tackled it again. I keep looking at the boxes and thinking I need to tackle them. On the other hand, I did complete organizing my DVDs which was an accomplishment.

Bee Sage obsessed with learning


I wish I could afford comics! I get to read them second hand at the library instead…when they’re there.

What comics do you have? Do you have the original serialized Watchmen?

Todd Schoonover is rehashing old avatars


I’ve got all kinds of comics going back to the 40s through current. I’ve mainly been into superhero comics, but also have bought westerns, war, romance, horror and other genres. I’ve been trying to finish my collection of Josie (of Josie & The Pussycats fame).

I think I’ve got a few issues of Watchmen but not all of them.



very impressive! My oldest son collects a few comic books, not nearly as many as you have. He mainly collects The Phantom and Lucky Luke (hence his nickname since he was small). Most of his are in Swedish, which he prefers. Though yesterday he bought 2 more Phantom in English.

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