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Discussing shift work

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As always

after a couple of days off, the start of my nightly sleep has shifted into the late night (or early morning…). Apparently my body would prefer a rhythm like that.

However since I have to get up early for work again tomorrow, I’ll try to go to bed at a more “normal” time. I hope I can fall asleep, otherwise tomorrow will be tough.


ugogrl thankful for the cheers =0)

best wishes for a

restful sleep & productive workday

I’ve can relate however as to how difficult it can be
to adjust your natural circadian rhythm to fit “standard” work hours

if I had my way I’d stay up until 12pm & get up at 8am this feels the best to me but I’ve always had go to bed earlier & wake earlier in order to get to work on time


Yeah, it’s tough at times trying to fit in with the world… So glad for the times when I don’t have to !

ugogrl thankful for the cheers =0)

yes DD

hope you are able to get a restful sleep soon

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