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chrysania is cleaning up the mess

stop procrastinating (read all 49 entries…)

I’ve taken the clue from Zen habits I believe to focus on three Most important Tasks, so for today

- Get the invitations out and do the follow up (again)
- Prepare the meeting in Feb
- Finish the yearly planning


Understand in detail and decide on principle

Get your principles sorted. Pay attention to the small things. Have goals that match your principles. Luagh at the fact that i am filling this entry with aphorisms. Laugh even more when you realise I made them up.

Seriously the zen thing is to pay attention to the details and assume the whole structure.That way your whole direction matches the larger picture rather than you getting bogged down in it. I think that setting the goals as you are seems a good idea but don’t let it weigh on you.

All the best….

P.S. Did you finish the planning? Have things changed to obviate it yet?

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