Taz 2014 is a year of doing

appreciate what others have done for me lately (read all 33 entries…)
Light at the end of the tunnel?
  • I appreciate the lady in the shop talking to the assistant about driving up through Scotland as my Mother overheard her, asked her how the roads were and after being told they were fine to drive on says that she’ll probably go home towards the end of the week. I’m not going to get too excited yet because sods law has taught me never to think something will happen until it actually does. Tomorrow will be 4 weeks though….please karma cut me some birthday slack.


Kimber~ (>‿♥)


you poor thing…4 weeks with mine would be like 4 years in prison…pray for clear skies..sunshine & lattes…you may need the caffeine…instead of nail bitting..hang in there..:)k

Taz 2014 is a year of doing

Yep that's pretty

much how it feels, solitary confinement would be preferable but you can’t have everything. Still at least with me stretching my birthday out I’ve got plans for tuesday, wednesday and thursday so that helps :D

Kimber~ (>‿♥)

very nice..

ride the wave…hopefully calmly…:)

Saraband savouring the simple things

Fingers crossed

:) x

Taz 2014 is a year of doing


toes, legs, arms, eyes…everything! :D

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