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get out of debt (read all 11 entries…)

I made a transfer of an entire balance (not that large) on one to another that offered me zero interest for eight months. It’ll save money. And, my total balance, which paying extra, only went down $2 in the last two weeks, but every little bit counts.


sierrak Happy to get back to work on my Goals!

I hate Paying Interest.

It sounds like an excellent move to minimize your interest payments. And congratulations on making progress.

I thought I had the “get out of debt” thing handled until I got sick, now the bills that went toward the deductible are killing us. Being in a large amount of debt is quite depressing….

it gets better

It doesn’t seem like it at the time, but it’s like water on a rock. If you can just drip on it often enough, you’ll make a hole in it. One of the difficult things is allowing for those “have to have it” things, like a yarn kit with a pattern you want. Harlan uses a card for gas when he doesn’t have cash or for electronic things that I might not think are necessary but he does, kind of like that knitting stuff.I try to pay off a little more than what we use each time. It sounds easier than it is sometimes. Luckily, I’m healthy for now. Things could change and I hate medical bills, but they’re something a person just about has to plan for. I’ve got some money stuck away in case of an emergency that I add to every month. Yes, I could pay down debt, but $25/month isn’t so much to have some peace of mind. You’ll get there with yours. I just know it.

sierrak Happy to get back to work on my Goals!

These Medical Bills

just seem ridiculous….I mean I was billed $16,0000 for a five minute cat-scan by the hospital? The cat scan bill was ten times the surgeon’s fee! Just a lot more evidence that this country desperately needs some sort of medical system overhaul!

The last time I was in the hospital

that’s about what they charged me just to sleep there. Even with our insurance, we still had to come up with about five thousand. My sister doesn’t have insurance, but the hospital helped her find some financial help, which has been wonderful. She still has to pay some in, but nothing like what it would have been. I agree, though. I can’t imagine a cat scan machine would cost so much that they’d have to charge that much to use it. It’s robbery.

sierrak Happy to get back to work on my Goals!

It's Really Shocking

I agree!

I really hate hospitals, so I was so happy that my surgery was outpatient, I went there at 6am and came home at 1:30 that afternoon, thank goodness! But still, the hospital bill for the surgery stuff was about 18,000 dollars.

I shouldn’t be complaining, because I am almost through all of it, and most importantly, I am better and I feel better finally too!

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