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Getting organized... and thoughts about Dad

I have realized that what I should do is to assign a day of the month to each of the relations and friends whom I want to keep in touch with. I will write a letter, send an e-mail, or make a phone call to that person on his or her day. For close friends and immediate family, I will assign days of the week. Making up a “keep in touch schedule” is the next step I need to take in order to keep up with this goal.

Also, I need to call my Dad. I have been putting off calling him for well over a month because he was nasty to me on the phone just before the holidays. He never calls me, doesn’t return e-mails, doesn’t acknowledge snail mail I send, and seems not to care about what is happening with my life, so that makes it very easy for me to go without contacting him either. I know that he is lonely though, whether or not he advertises it. I also know that I will feel bad about it if I don’t make the effort to reach out to him.

I am always afraid that I could lose my Dad at any moment. He is not young and he takes truly terrible care of himself. I have been afraid that my Dad could pass away at any time since I was a teenager—he already seemed like a frail old man back then. I would hate for it to become too late and to have missed out on chances for us to communicate.

Side note to self: I need to call my sister to see when she wants me to come out to visit. Schedules keep shifting and we need to re-plan now that I have made commitments to rehearsals and performances.


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