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On January 30, wish Mrsrad a totally rad, happy at home birthday, complete with hugs, puppy dog kisses, and tons of photo opportunities!
Happy Birthday

Have you seen MrsRad’s photos? They are some of the most creative and envy inspiring images that I’ve seen shared here on 43Things. They make me want to remember to always have my camera with me for similar opportunities. The photo she shared today is a prime example of her talent. The timing of a silhouette photo like this is so crucial. There’s really only a few seconds when something like this can be captured, and yet she does it with apparent ease. Bravo MrsRad. Here are my wishes for her for the coming year:

May she always be pleased with her photographic efforts whether it’s shots of dogs or landscapes. May she make her health a priority by practicing yoga regularly and continuing to work toward losing 10% of her body weight (which will in turn help lower her blood pressure). And may she practice Reiki more, particularly on Kona when he’s having a seizure.


mrsrad is reengaging with the working world

Thank you so very much

Your words are so kind and so very much appreciated.

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