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January Boot Camp - 10 new successes (read all 5 entries…)
January Boot Camp: About 60% Done With the Goals

So, it’s February 1st, how did I do with these goals? I’d say I got them about 60% done. I would have liked to have finished more, but perhaps my list was too ambitious. Especially the weight-training one, my right arm still felt pretty bad for most of the month. So I finished Five of them, started four of them, and didn’t really make any progress on one of them. Guess I need to keep working!

INCOMPLETE! •1. Get back on track with my goal of weight-training three times per week. My right arm is still kind of screwed up from my surgery and still-not-finished radiation, so my goal is to get back into this doing at least the lower body and ankle weights. My doctor said I could lift some light weights with my right arm, so I’ll just have to play the upper body weights by ear.
FINISHED! •2. To get started on my “Update My wardrobe goal” I want to complete my closet purge this month. I have an uncomfortable feeling that when I do this, I’m not going to have much let, but that’s okay, then it will be time to go shopping! And I plan on rewarding myself for finishing my radiation with some shopping!
DID WELL HERE! •3. Get some aerobic exercise at least five days a week. Minimum exercise is 1+ miles walking the dog. More as my fatigue and crappy weather allow. Would like to do some riding on the exercise bike. Can’t swim until at least February, need radiation rash to be gone first.
PARTIALLY DONE •4. Clear off my computer desk. Yuck.
DONE! •5. Clean off table in Living Room. Yuck again.
STARTED< BUT NOT FINISHED •6. Give away or store old kids’ books. Decide which ones I want to keep.
SUCCESS! •7. Cook dinner at home at least five times each week. Save money and eat healthier. It’s okay if I buy prepared food from Whole Foods, it’s still much cheaper than eating out.
COMPELTE! •8. Make appointment and get my teeth cleaned. have been procrastinating on this due to the radiation, I need to suck it up and get it done.
ALMOST DONE! 9. Fix tile in guest bathroom. Need to figure out with DH what needs to be done. Mostly this is his job, but I need to keep after him to get it done!
STARTED< NOT DONE! 10. Clean up guest bedroom so it is usable for unexpected guests.


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