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February Boot Camp - Consistently Improve My Fitness and Nutrition (read all 9 entries…)
I'm late to the party...

...but then I’m always late for everything :-p I want to give this a go, though, starting with yesterday cos that’s as far back as I can remember what I ate…

Nutrition: Wasn’t hungry much. Two coffees in the morning, chicken/apple/date wrap and a luxury coffee in the afternoon, veg-heavy green smoothie in the evening. Oh, and the Haagen-Dazs I had cos the smoothie was nasty! Just a little though, not half the tub as I would have not so long ago.

Fitness: week 1 run (I finished week 1 already, but been four days since the first week 2 and wasn’t in the mood to push it). Easy enough. Stretched beforehand but forgot afterwards. Also 20 mins vigorous vacuuming (does that count as exercise? It should!)


Simon isn't ungoogleable.

Of course it counts. :)

Twenty minutes vac’ing is more exercise than I get in a week.

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