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February Boot Camp - Consistently Improve My Fitness and Nutrition (read all 9 entries…)
Weekend of Feb 5-7

Highlights: 3.5 mile cycle (home from the bike store) and week 2 run on Friday, plenty of fruit, roast veg and loads of salad, much energetic dancing Sat night, opting for ham salad sub instead of fast food for post-nightclub munchies

Lowlights: a bit too much booze, a bit too much lazing around playing old video games with my bros, a bit too much of my new sister-in-law’s homemade fudge (but oh was it scrumptious!)

Could have been a lot worse, all in all. It was a very busy and sociable weekend, which for me often involves grabbing junk food on the go, but I held it together ok. May not have gained any ground, but I don’t think I lost any either.

Alas, though, I managed to bruise my tailbone last night in a most undignified fall which I was by no means drunk enough to deserve. (Seriously, I wasn’t!) It’s quite sore today, so I’ve skipped the run I should have done; I’ll try tomorrow and see how much it’s affected. I’m going to be most put out if this ridiculous injury keeps me from running.


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