keeping it can be hard work

falling in love has to be one of the most incredible things we can do in this world, but it also can be one of the most painful things if your heart is broken. The few times I have been struck with cupid’s arrow I have learned that holding on to that feeling and that person you feel it for, you have to put a little work into it. Everyday we do change a little, and love too changes. Are you adding to it or taking from it? If you are adding to it, it will grow and grow and grow into something very strong. If you have a plant and over water it, will it not drown? or if you do not give it enough water, will it not dry up? Love is the same way, its about finding that “just right” amount. “How do I find love?”, you may ask. Most people would tell you love finds you, but that doesn’t mean to give up. I say go out everyday asif you are going to meet “the one” it can’t hurt your odds!


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