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Let go of some goals that no longer appeal to me!
OK, I am going to get rid of three goals on my 43things that no longer appeal to me!

Here goes…I am getting rid of three goals that no longer appeal to me. Isn’t it interesting how that can happen? Something I used to think I wanted to accomplish takes a back seat to a newer goal? I think that is a good thing. And, letting go is a good thing, too.


Trauma_Junkie ready for recovery week, and data pushing.


I took a breather from 43things and came back 16 months later and my old goals looked a wee bit old…. and odd…. :)

Pet Serrano has just changed her name. (Hello! )

I did something like this, too.

It is very satisfying!

kepi procrastination extraordinaire!

Here Here!

It’s been over three years since I first joined and I know that there are some things that are just lying around because I never wanted to use the term “give up”.
.. But you’re right, there’s nothing wrong with letting go .. and I should embrace the fact that I don’t want to do the same things I did three years ago!
Hadn’t really thought about it like that before .. so thanks :)

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