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How to be a Good Mom

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Keep being a good mom even when I'd like to run & hide... (read all 4 entries…)
daughter number two

is doing a semester abroad in Florence. Here is the first ink drawing she sent me via skype from Italy…

She goes to college in PA. Recently, I have driven past her exit on 287 a few times, amazed at the pang I feel in my heart…knowing that she’s not there. My eyes fill with tears.
ooooh, how am I going to make it gracefully through this empty nesting thing…


beachbum12b Is swimming upstream. But still swimming.

Your daughter’s ink drawing is spectacular! Hang in there!

though I'd share with you

the email she wrote about her art class.

So my art class… my professor is famous… he has a book.. his last name is
kraczyna.. well he is from somewhere foreign like Yugoslavia or something and he
moved here w his wife and kids with just enough money(made by making art) for
110$ a month… so he had to make art to pay and he could only afford 5 cent
blue and black pens and 50 cent stacks of thick paper used in a market to wrap
fish with… he learned all creative ways to draw etc.. and techniques like the
one i showed you.. it was blue and black pen ( so hard)... i tried it like 3
times.. then today we used rubbing alcohol to see how it made the pens bleed..
so we are using all his techniques he used.. idk i think that is so cool… hes
quieter and hard to make smile.. like he has a hitler mustache but when he does
smile or u make him laugh.. it is so fun..

thought it was a fun story.. loved ur email u sent me.. i felt so warm reading
it. great to see ur face today on skype, even in ur silly hat and u chomping on a
xooxox my cutie battootie mama

thanks for your ‘boost’ of support beachbum12b…this empty nest stuff aint gonna be easy on my own.

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