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catblade is going to walk in the park at lunch.

Eat better (read all 2 entries…)

This wasn’t easy. It involved eating at home, getting used to cooking once every day or so, and getting in the habit of keeping healthy (but tasty) foods in the house.

The big challenge really is just getting into the habit of avoiding everything corn syrup. Really, once you do that, half of your battle is over.

Trader Joe’s is a great place for us to find food that is made with wholesome ingredients. It is a relief not to have to read every package looking at the content of junk and find one on a shelf of twenty that matches our profile.

We shop Farmer’s Markets for produce, which is usually fresher and cheaper than anywhere else.

We shop Costco for those items that we really do need in bulk, like cheese (we feed a lot of people, not just us). Costco is superior to Sam’s club in that they actually do have a decent quantity of healthy products, while Sam’s, well, they are related to Walmart, home of the plastic crap.



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