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February Boot Camp - Consistently Improve My Fitness and Nutrition (read all 9 entries…)
On the home straight

Eating hasn’t been as super-clean as I’d like this week. For some reason I’ve been drawn to elaborate meals rather than my usual plain’n’simple, though I have been trying to include plenty of veg. Like the moussaka I was craving earlier in the week, which I made with extra onions and courgette (that’s zucchini to you :-p ) as well as the aubergine. Or last night I had venison and honey roast parsnips, with baby potatoes, buttered carrots and green peas. Labour-intensive, but delicious. I’ve got back in the daily-smoothie habit the last few days, too. Hmm, maybe not so bad after all.

Activity level has been generally good – less time sitting in front of the computer and more actually doing stuff. Wet weather put paid to the gardening plans, but I did get the bike out and discovered I can cycle just fine now without hurting my tailbone. I did five miles yesterday (in two halves about an hour apart, to the grocery store and back) and about seven today, also in two parts. Not huge distances, but plenty of long gentle hills, and one short steep one near my house which I walked up yesterday but conquered in the saddle today though it nearly killed me (Grace, you’d have been proud of me! :o) ) Enough to give me nicely achy thighs. And a whole new pain in the behind – I need a comfier saddle! :-p

Seriously, though, I really enjoyed cycling today. I know I said it was gonna be just about transport, but I can see myself doing it sometimes for the sheer joy of it. I startled a little old lady today by going “wheeeeeee!” out loud while freewheeling down a hill. Anything that feels that exuberant has to be good. Having said that, I’m still looking forward to getting back to running. Gonna try again tomorrow.

Have a fantastic last-day-of-February, everyone! :o)


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That sounds good!

Can you remember where you got it?

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will have to look into that, thanks a mil! :o)

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