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God's Dragon Living life one day at a time...

apply success principles in my life daily (read all 71 entries…)
Do What Others Can’t

Most people can’t give two nights a month to volunteer at a hospice. You
c a n .
Most people can’t get up at 6:00 AM and jog two miles. You can.
Most people can’t give up their lunch hour to solve a customer’s problem. You
c a n .
Most people can’t help to clean up other people’s messes. You can.
Most people can’t help a friend deal with destructive behavior. You can.
Most people can’t give five percent of their money to charity. You can.
You are following the Action Principles.


God's Dragon Living life one day at a time...

This one is a difficult one for me these days. I have not exercised for a while, have not worked in 5 years, etc etc… However I am taking proactive steps to take care of my wants and needs… I guess it is progress not perfection…


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