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Altonece is doing the damn thing.

REVISED: Pay off 2 more credit card bills by June 30, 2010. (It was Dec 31, 2009.) (read all 6 entries…)
Praise HIM in advance!

Hey there…43Thing-ers! I received a merit bonus and a company bonus and with that money I will pay off 2 bills in full. Whoo hoo! I won’t remove it from the list until it is officially done. So that will be tomorrow. As much as I want to strike it off now, I will do it tomorrow when it is really, really DONE and DONE.

I would love to go shopping, since I do need some clothes. Or really I would like to pay one of my other bills that is less so it would leave me with more money left over…but I had to be a big girl and “panty up” and get rid of the “thong” and do what big girls do. I could not rationalize paying off the bill w/ a 14.25% interest rate over the card with 23.99% interest rate. So that is that.

Super excited. That leaves me with 2 cards left and I should be able to pay that off in the next four months, unless I happen upon another windfall of money.


Keep up the good work ya’ll.



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