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A Different Life

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AaminahRaks is very easily distracted...mostly by shiny things!

Have a totally different life by this time next year (read all 10 entries…)

Be a Belly dance instructor- Closer still! I’ve been helping my teacher teach two nights a week, and she even said she will help me get started this fall with teaching at the same place she does. And we even plan on going to get certified next year. So I’ve actually got a lot going toward this goal.

Have a car- I think I could have one by mid summer…

Have a different job or be happier at my current job- I’ve got a new job!! I start tomorrow so yeah, this is done. To hell with my twatwaffle of a boss!!

Have some real friends my age that I actually hang out with- I think my new job may help with this. I’ll be working in the mall and one of my former coworkers (the one I got along with the best) will also be working in the mall so I think I might have an easier time making friends in a different environment

Go on more dates- Again I think my new job may help with this as I’ll be working in the mall so it will be a little easier to meet guys. =)

Have my own place or be in the process of getting my own place- My new job will be paying more per hour and I will be getting more hours so I should be able to actually save money toward this.

Have at least two of the tattoos I plan to get done- I’ll start on my next one this spring/summer.

Enroll in school- coming this fall….lol =)


Taz 2014 is a year of doing

Oh how I wish

I had a cheer to give you, not only for your progress but for your use of the word twatwaffle. :)

AaminahRaks is very easily distracted...mostly by shiny things!

haha, Its really the nicest thing I could think to call him.

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