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Have my dream wedding

I have been married twice already. The first time I was about six months pregnant and 18 years old. We got married at the courthouse. My dad baked us a cake and we had a SMALL party. No honeymoon.

The second time I don’t even count as a real marriage much less a real wedding. I married my second husband at a court house. His parents invited us to a Dog track that night we considered as our honeymoon. We never even moved in together.

I know this sounds reckless but I got married both times because of pregnancy. The first time it didnt work out because my first husband cheated and did alot of drugs behind my back. The second didnt EVER work because the guy was selfish and needed to grow up and accept responsibility which he wasnt willing to do.

I am in no hurry to rush back into marriage but I have promised myself that when I do finally get married again I will be SURE that it is the right thing to do and I will have that dream wedding I always wanted. :)



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