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RM There are better days ahead!

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Random Musings III

I just love writing but I don’t feel like I’m really any good. Here, I feel like it’s alright to share because it feels annonymous. Here are some other random thoughts. Many have been collected since Christmas

- Your struggle has become my waiting game. I can’t move from this spot. I don’t want to think of you because I need you so much, it hurts.

- Even with you miles away I leave your side vacant awaiting your return.

-These feelings aren’t simple yet feel pure. They feel like they never existed before you.

-I love you more than all the stars in the sky. When I think of happiness, I see your face. When I think of love, I see your face.

-It’s so easy to be me around you. Not a word leaves my mouth do I regret or edit with you.

-To be loved, pure and true, without pride or prejudice is a gift. One so rare and needed,. I have only felt it if only for a moment. It lasts a lifetime.

- You feel like home to me, where I belong. (that goes out to a friend I saw at Christmas)


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