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Kalibebti "I came here to drink milk and kick ass."

March Bootcamp: Lifestyle Spring-Clean! (read all 11 entries…)
Catching up/wrapping up

Edit: Chose this pic for several reasons (besides that I just like it, hehe): one, backbends are hard for me and through yoga I’m gradually improving, yay! Also, I am adding belly-dancing to the list of things I seriously am going to learn in the near future! There’s some sort of belly-dancing fitness class at my gym and those women make it look so easy!! I am afraid people will be laughing at me, because, well, I’m a big nerd and can’t shake my hips without looking like a confused marionnette. Wouldn’t it be funny though if after all these years I finally learned to shake my money-maker? And hey, my mate would love it too. ;D Also, I want one of those jingly hip scarves and lots of the people in the class have them; the two phenomena are obviously related.

It’s strange to revisit the intense focus I felt about these things at the beginning of the month. Enough to say that events gave me a change in perspective; yet having had this basic practice to lean on in the name of health, community, consistency & commitment contributed to giving me some strength I’m not sure I knew I had. It was a good feeling, and while I do sometimes still get a little too wiggy about this stuff, overall I am tacking in the right direction, and with you all cheering me, providing emotional support and working towards your own Bootcamp goals at the same time, I often feel like the wind is with me! Thank you to all for your solidarity and best wishes for April !!

Personally, one thing I feel most proud of is simply having achieved someconsistency. I’ve now been at or within a few pounds of an excellent weight for my height for 5 months. I’m not used to it and still focus too much on the stuff I don’t like, and it will take probably as many months of continued consistency and probably a good deal more athletic activity for me to feel secure about my appearance, but that’s how it goes. I’ve also managed to keep really close track of calories consumed and burned every single day for some months now, and while it’s not too meaningful in and of itself, the consistency gives me a great sense of satisfaction. Practicing music is the only other thing I’ve ever done every single day like this…even writing isn’t the same because I’ve never done the same type of writing every single day. Maybe this will help me step up to that. I’ve known for a long, long time that the act of practicing something consistently is just as important (if not more) as what you choose to practice…mindfully….anyway, enough rambling!

March stats…

1. < 889 net (post-workout-subtractions) calories/day – 6/30These are post-workout-estimates using TheDailyPlate. It is obviously unnecessary for me to literally eat less than 889 post-workout calories per day, and yet having this as a goal seems to help me stay where I’d like to be on average. Aiming above the mark and all.
Since last tally:
1340, 801, 1022, 1443, 390, 844, 784, 1038, 1989, 1945, 1933, 1685, 2084, 1810, 2315, 2090, 2196, 2000, 1112, 662, 1220, 1057, 988

2. track weight, inches, energy level & strength wt 3/31: 126.6, E on 3/29 = 9/10; strength=5/10have not measured inches at all this month, but my muscles, observed during yoga, are puny little things and need some cultivating. Energy is measured by how relatively fired-up I feel when required to climb hills or stairs or walk briskly through sand. I am happy with my weight, unsure how to feel about my energy because my anxiety levels hit a serious peak this month (with every situational excuse in the world, however, so I’m not concerned that this is some more-than-my-usual chemical imbalance) and I can’t always tell the difference between high energy and high anxiety; I’m disappointed that I didn’t get more exercise this month & gain strength, but it’s understandable, and I got at least some exercise most of the time, so that is satisfying. I did sort of wonder whether I’ve finally managed to raise my resting metabolic rate or whether anxiety burns calories; either way, I was happy to see a slight weight loss instead of the gain I’d been dreading after all the comfort foods.

3. 8-12 yoga classes in March – 4/12 : )3 mar, wed; solo yoga while traveling, 12 mar; weird yoga led by my sister-in-law, 13 mar; back to gym yoga 29 mar. Not nearly what I’d aimed for, but it could have been worse, and just traveling with my yoga mat and doing it myself one morning (without sis-in-law barking at me) was highly sustaining. Had planned on every day but there were a lot of family demands, unsurprisingly, and we all did a good bit of walking so there was that….

4. 30-60 min some level of cardio every day, including: one morning walk/week, one hike, one bike ride, one REI event & one Sierra Club event in March – 17/30I may return and fill in the specs on this. I’m not sure I’ve done any true cardio (heartratewise), and need to work back up to including that in my workouts. Probably averaged one morning walk/week, but the goal was literally once (at least) every week. No bike rides this month. :( No REI or Sierra Club events, but did one Sunstrides event (the hike), sort of (didn’t run it!), which also accomplished one more check on the goal of exploring new local hikes : ).

5. do better at giving up bagels, Panera-type sandwiches, tortilla chips & pizza for Lent – 16/30“If I can do this for half the month then I’m going to add “and anything not whole grain”…well what do you know, half the month. Pizza, cake and bagels cut a 2-week swathe through my March so counting up my number of successful days actually surprised me. Ok, let’s see if I can stick to 100% whole grain carbs in April!

6. shop 10 times this month for fresh fruits/veggies, tofu, & whole-grain low-carb alternativesYou know, I don’t even remember. I like this goal, though. I do know I ate no tofu this month, but procured fresh veggies once or twice and in addition managed to pick up some whole grain low-cal tortillas when I really wanted a bag of bagels: progress! haha

7. buy fresh flowers and/or produce @ 3 local farmer’s marketsDid not make it to a single farmer’s market this month!! However, my lovely mate brought me roses for a very specific reason on Monday. Highly unusual, an interesting step, and very much appreciated…also they smell great :D. Also the blue carnations and a sprig of Black-Eyed Susans from the bouquet from Mom’s wreath I schlepped through 2 airports along with the OED are still hanging in there as we speak! (the hydrangea and irises were pretty delicate and didn’t survive long past baggage pickup, but I had them for the trip : )))

8. strut it regardless – 29/30Well, I got knocked on my ass mid-month, but am allowing myself a very broad definition of strutting it. I kind of need to do the laundry, though. I will say I did very well during the family visit, which if you’ve ever had to sit around with siblings handing you fat-pictures of yourself from 20 years ago they just dug out of a storage unit, or greet people whose unerring greeting for nearly the past two decades has been a surprised-sounding, “Oh, you look so fit!” (groan, eyeroll) you know how important keeping up appearances can feel. As for the post-sibling meltdown, hey, my mate is very loving and accepting of me (if a little too non-verbal about it) and that is awesome. I also had insanely good luck with thrift-store clothes this month. Betsey Johnson skirt: $5, Juicy Couture skirt: $7 and yeah they fit!! hehe Also: really nice yummy brown thick soft funky wool sweater a bit too small but entirely wearable, $2.50

9. Are my legs sore? : Weight-train w/focus on legs (to exhaustion) 2 x week – 1/3 quad reps R&L 3/10 30; hamstring reps R&L 2/10 Um, okay. April!

10. slow-kick form work and kick/strike practice on heavy bags, with or without faces, and fist planks, 2 x week – 1/30 April!

11. sleep @ 10pm on 12 weekdays; post-midnight < 5 daysI have no idea.

12. REWARDS ! : find 10 lost thingsFor the love of God could I just do this already??...sauna 1 x week; organize & easify daily supplementsprobably about 50% with the supplements, once with the sauna : )

13. Water intake: 16-40 oz water dailyWill probably return to quantify this later. Doing ok but should drink more water most days.

14. Fat percentage 30 or below dailyWill come back to record this later.

15. Average 15 resumes sent daily, 15 interviews this monthThis was certainly ambitious, but even so I haven’t measured up…most success probably in networking, this month. Stay tuned. My life can’t continue to fall apart indefinitely, after all. ; )

16. Keep my own counsel – 30/30

Yang Metal Dog ; )

17. Eat more tofu & legumes.This has not been a tofu- and legume-filled month.

April goals…at this point I don’t have the faintest idea how or even why to incorporate the “2 a Day” concept, so will probably read over others’ entries before I decide & formulate a game plan for April. I must be a month behind in more ways than one because April seems like a great time for Spring Cleaning to me! I mean, Spring just started, right??



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