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become a shapeshifter

I mistakely got my entry earsed, but I want to now what you want to shapeshift into, so I can tell you how much power you need to control so you don’t die. I don’t want me fellow dreamers die.


wolfGIRLdreamer96 is excited for my bday!!


r u talking to me?? if u r do i need 2 know my spirit animal??? and i need help on that. i read a book about animal spirit guides, and it says to ask wholeheartedly for your spirit animal to visit you in your dreams. it said it might not work the first or second time, but they cant ignore u much longer. i’ve been asking and praying for 4 days….nothing has happened. i just need some more guidance. maybe i’m doing something wrong???


Thats one way, but there are other ways to shapeshift, but that is the most dangous way, but it works. I saw it happen to somebody. And I choose that way too


Then how do you need to shapeshift?


I want to be a wolf
not a werewolf just wolf =]

I tell you

I just want be become a scarecrow.

Untitled - Heavens light aka sakagawwea

want2bewolf is trying to become a werewolf


hey i want to become a wolf. can you help?

(This comment was deleted.)


I want to:
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