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littlesoul dark is.....deliriously delightful!

to bring up children who make a difference

we went for a cup of coffee after the stations of the cross, my daughter (11) asked could she go and change her book in the library. I gave her £20 to get a message on the way back. She came back, after about 10 minutes, crying and asking would she be able to get money out of her bank account as she owed me £20. It turns out she gave the £20 to a woman begging (she only meant to give her £3 but the woman had no change) she had a little boy with her who had a bandage on his head and she felt sorry for them. She made me cry because she was upset and worried and my other daughter (9) put her arms round the both of us and said ‘i law lu’. She’s only starting to speak….she made us both laugh as we were very excited about her speaking new words without being coaxed. I felt very happy and lucky to have such wonderful children who can make me laugh and cry at the same time.


Kimber~ (>‿♥)


that’s such an endearing story…thanks for sharing..:)

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littlesoul dark is.....deliriously delightful!

Thank you so much

for your lovely words blueclark :)

beauty11 ...you have to keep alive that part of yourself that's rebellious


This is such a beautiful story. I just gave birth to my first child, a gorgeous baby girl, 3 1/2 months ago and I can only hope and pray that I will have a future such as this with her. Just lovely.

littlesoul dark is.....deliriously delightful!

Congratulations beauty11!!

I’m sure you’ve had your world turned upside down (for all the right reasons :)).

Try to remember as much of this precious time as you can, time will go so much faster now. I try to take mental pictures of smiles and funny faces and try to remember important (and not so important) conversations with my children…. so that I can look back on it later when I need to smile.

Good luck :D

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littlesoul dark is.....deliriously delightful!


THANK YOU for the lovely gift!!!....I’ve always wanted a goat :) you are so very thoughtful and i’m not kidding ;) Lots of people will benefit from it.


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