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Apr 5-10/10

Apr 10/10 Sat
1) A beautiful sunny day!!
2) Met up with Erika for brunch and had coffee afterward, just to catch up and talk. That was nice.
3) The migraine was gone by the bedtime.

Apr 9/10 Fri
2) A beautiful sunny day.
3) Was supposed to go for a walk along English Bay after work with Lucy but instead, we went to watch a movie. She suggested Avatar. What a great movie!!! Both of us loved it and wanted to watch it again.

Apr 8/10 Thur
1) It was sunny and beautiful day. Just chilly a little bit though. It felt like winter. Loved it.
2) It was a busy day at work. Got one big project done before left work.
3) Watched some funny shows on youtube.

Apr 7/10 Wed
1) Got so much done at work. Time flied by so fast.
2) On the way to Fujiya, something fell on my head. First reaction was, _please not bird poo_”. Took a look what it was. It turned out to be a small piece of wood from the tree. Thank God!! A lady walking behind me saw the whole thing. When she walked by, we both laughed.
3) Received a couple of cheques…very happy!!!

Apr 6/10 Tues
1) What a busy day! It could have been more productive. I was glad that I did my best and survived.
2) Ran into my previous supervisor during the lunch time. We had a small fun chit chat.
3) Was very happy to see Melissa got voted off from The Biggest Loser.

Apr 5/10 Mon
1) Lots of people and students were off today. It was very empty on the bus and skytrain. It was quiet everywhere. Kind of nice actually.
2) Dealt with the problem first thing in the morning and found out that it wasn’t a problem at all. Felt so relieved and happy!!!
3) Saw a local senior community centre having a sign saying, [belly dancing for seniors, 10 sessions, starts April xx].
4) Made coconut milk rice and vegetarian curry for dinner. That was quite yummy.


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