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#5 Grace Nyambura Wachira

Grace is from Kenya. I chose her because she is from Kenya, like my friend and coworker Grace, but also because of the entrepreneur group she is a part of.

Grace Nyambura Wachira

Grace is 35 years old and married with four children who are in school. She runs a retail shop where she sells auto spare parts to earn a living. She has been in the business for five years and has one employee. She was previously employed before she started this business. She has joined a group of young entrepreneurs in Faulu Kenya who are willing and determined to improve their lives. They meet on a weekly basis to save their money and later on the group guarantees its members a loan. She has requested a loan of Kes 40,000 from Faulu Kenya to add to her stock of spare parts. She hopes to grow her business and stabilize her income in the future.


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