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grow something
Grow a mandarin tree

Somewhere in the first 2 weeks of august in 2009, I ate a mandarin. There where seeds in it and I kept them seperated. I thought, maybe if I plant some seeds, I can grow a mandarin tree. :)

11 seeds from a mandarin,
plastic jar,

I took a plastic jar, put some toiletpaper on the inside and put some ground in the middle. Putting the 11 seeds between the toiletpaper and the plastic jar.

After a few weeks, 10 seeds where full of mould. Just one seed was growing, it had a little green root.
So I took another jar to put it in with other fresh ground.

After a few weeks it was growing into a seedling.

In 2010 it had already 13 leaves. And in April it got lice somehow!
I tried to kill them many times, but they came back everytime.
And I didn’t want to sprinkle the little one with soap in water or something like that. And because it didn’t looked beautiful green anymore, I planted it last week in another jar, a bigger one.

And within the week it was busy to grow the 14th leave! :D
And it isn’t yet one year old!


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