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News on the “bring in something somehow” front… I have an interview for a job that sounds interesting – transcribing people’s life stories for memoirs and vanity books.

I’m a little nervous, I haven’t been to an interview in years, but I have an in through someone I know that already works for the company, and I spoke with the boss-lady on the phone earlier today. She sounds very personable and I’m going in tomorrow afternoon.

It would be sporadic (just a few hours here and there), but I could make a paycheck here and there, it’s something I think I’d enjoy quite a bit and I could work from home. Fingers crossed.


theba2il Great Spirit, let me plant positive seeds.


crossing my fingers for you. Best wishes.

ihaveneatstuff to talk about, share and to learn.

This job sounds perfect...

for you! What an interesting way to make some money!

Katylady123 I am a romantic, tree-hugging, reinventor!

Sound fascinating

And, I always enjoy your pictures :)

danadoodle Out of clutter find simplicity

Good luck

sounds like it would be really cool listening to all those stories.

Best of luck...

Sounds like an awesome job! You’ll do fine. :)

Mmmber Dreams become a reality 1 decision at a time.


Sounds like a fantastic fit.

You’ll be in my thoughts tomorrow! Best of luck!

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!

Good luck!

Wow, working from home! What an opportunity! I hope it works out!

happygrandma is back with a vengenance!

Hope it works out for you.

Love your writing and your pictures.

Saraband savouring the simple things

Good luck Ru

I have an opening for something similar here in the UK. I do hope this works out for you. I’ll be keen to hear how it goes :)

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JWillow waiting for the fog to lift

Lucky wishes ~Ru

this sounds like an amazing opportunity – with perfect working conditions! Good luck for the interview.

Kimber~ (>‿♥)

very cool for you Ru..:)))

Good Luck!!!...& fingers crossed..:) x

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