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pinkcadi1962 My Anam Cara, with whom I could not live without.

beleive without a doubt that my father is in heaven (read all 23 entries…)
Dear Dad

Were you watching today..from heaven’s view, as the little girl, you never met…beamed her 8 year old smile…
I have this still frame in my mind today, that I will probably never forget, her dressed in her baseball uniform, for her first game..Her pony tail hanging out the back of her baseball cap…giddy with excitement….I, for one second, felt a stab in my heart…Gosh, I wish you could be here..to see her….
I cannot replace you, when it comes to events like this..but I search for your guidance, saying to them, not only what I want to say, but what you, would say to them….
I miss you and I wished you could have shared this day with us..I can only hope, that God, parted the clouds, and let you take a glimpse, at your amazing grand daughter…I know God, let me feel your presence here today….

Much love
Your Daughter



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