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What a weekend…

Juniper has developed a new hobby. Sticking things up her nose. Friday she sneezed out a Cheerio. Saturday I pulled out three wads of paper out of her right nostril. She then got one so far up there and stuck that I couldn’t get it out. She went to bed with it up her nose. My husband said to wait and see if it would come out on it’s own. It did, the next day, she sneezed it out on the way up to my parents house for Sunday dinner. BUT by that time she had manged to stick a BIG wad of paper or something up her left one. Grandma was nice enough to run us down to the clinic where three people had to wrap and hold Juniper while they pulled it out of her nose. Sam was quite distressed by it all so Grandma “Ba Ba” took her out to the waiting room.


Today. Yesterday we made sure to vacuum up the floors and throw away anything that was small enough to be stuck up places. But Juniper during her nap got into the closet and found Joshua’s old shoes. She some how ripped into them and had stuck pieces of foam up her nose. I was able to get it out the 3 times that she did it. 3 times. 3 times. THREE times

We took them to the doctors office again, this time their doctor, cause of Juniper and also because Samantha has had a fever since yesterday. We where thinking that maybe Juniper had a sinus infection. Turns out she doesn’t… We thought maybe, we where trying to figure out why in the world she keeps doing this. Does pulling stuff up you nose make you feel better? But yeah, the Juni is fine. Sam is the sickie, she still has a fever, runny nose, and is a bit grumpy but she’ll be ok. Poor bugs.

Juni’s been acting like a monster… Crying when I try to dress her. Crying when I change her. Crying when I leave the room. Crying when I put her to bed. Crying because she doesn’t want her cup, but then starts to cry when she doesn’t get to have her sisters.

Me and my husband have been stressssssssssssed and at our wit’s end. I am trying to be a good mother, really I am but sometimes I feel that adoption would be awesome. Just call and let me know how my girls are once a week. I’ll take them weekends.

I just have to keep on saying I love them I love them I love them I LOVE THEM. I LOVE THEM.


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that stuff is tough. Sorry to hear it’s been stressing you out! Know that you’re a good mom… being a good mom doesn’t mean being inhumanly cheerful under impossible circumstances. Hope you can get a short break some time to re-set a little bit. (((hugs))))

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She did it again... yesterday

and two times today…...

Oy… who’s idea was this parent thing?

I may talk my husband into letting me go out tomorrow. I think I need movie therapy.

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Yeah, movies!

And a little time to be yourself again. Hope you get it! (((FRC)))

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Again today...

both nostrils.

Anyone want a slightly used toddler?

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Too bad

you can’t just leave the stuff in there… eventually she couldn’t fit any more in. :) Why oh why would she do that?! Ugh. If I could, I’d at least babysit so you could have a break!

h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté


Oh… the sneezing a cheerio out of the nose got me!!!!!

OMG….now, here is a TRUE Story of PARENTING!!! LOL ~

All I can say, (btw my kids are 23, 21, and 14) is that “it will get better”.... love your kids and take three deep breaths when you are feeling stressed and/or overwhelmed. Make each day an adventure and let them find their own (preferably without putting things up their noses!!! Hey..that is adventurous!)

I think it’s fun to look at the developmental stage theories of development, because it helps us understand “why” babies/kids/people may do the things they do…and knowing that we can offer them options when what they are currently doing isn’t working…

I can send you one I like if you are interested…I check it often so I can see what the heck my 14 year old “should” be doing…

You are so cute! I love this post!!!!
:) And are those your kids???? WHAT A GREAT PICTURE and CUTE!!!!!!

Good Luck!

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Yep that's my Juni and my Sam

I’ve been involved with Early childhood/human development my whole adult life. So I know all about the stages… theories… etc. They are also going through a bitting thing, but I know it’s developmental so I’m not stressing too much about it. Juniper just wears long sleeves a lot because it looks like we beat her with all the bruising from her sister’s bites. Oy… it’s one thing to have children… it’s a whole other monster having twins.

h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté

Twins ~

I never had twins….
but I am a twin…
so I kind of know it from the other side ~

Good Luck!
You sound like a WONDERFUL MOM!!!!

How blessed your little ones are..
and I love your writing…. I hope you are keeping all of this in one place…
your kids will love it when they get older..
and so



I think you should let dragonfly babysit!
(she said that..didn’t she…. :))

FireRainChild Dive down, drink deep, you will remember how to breathe

: )

I love twins!

dragonfly35 April is here!


I did. Probably going to get two girls, one with airplane food stuffed up both nostrils, arriving on my doorstep tomorrow…

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And the other

chewing on her sister

nicolasc will be out of the picture a lot. Please don't take lack of response or reciprocation personally!


Identical or fraternal?

h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté


and here’s another crazy pic from when we were young ~

Hey… we were born in the 60’s ~ what can I say!




Really? I didn’t know you are a twin! Have you written about it before? Hook me up with the link if you have…would be really interesting to read about, hg! :)

h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté

I have written a little ~

about being a twin here…
I guess,I have so many other things that I’ve been writing about that I haven’t really written much, but let me tell you about my twin brother.

I have a twin brother named, wg happiness, and we are, of course, fraternal twins. I was born five minutes before him, so “officially” I am “older” and I have always held that “big sister” position.

There are so many stories about us as babies, like they almost had to separate us because we wouldn’t speak English, instead, we developed our own language…we hear the stories about how we would make different words and sounds communicating while others looked on… of course eventually we did speak, thank goodness.

We did get into all kinds of mischief, and ran our poor Mother and Grandmother ragged!
When we were babies we would scootch our cribs together and climb into each others’ cribs…I had long hair (mohawk) and my brother was bald, so he would get his little fingers all tangled in my hair… and I would cry!

I can honestly say that I’ve never been alone in my life, (except when I became separated and divorced…maybe that’s why it was so hard!) but… some people say, “I came into this world alone….” and I say, “I did not…I have always had someone to talk to, even in uterine!” Maybe that’s why I like to communicate so much ~

But…it hasn’t always been so great for wg happiness… we had a rough childhood in many ways, and he took the wrong road…this road would eventually lead to a world that many of us could not and would not want to imagine…but drugs will do that to you. There was a time of close to 7 years that I did not speak to my brother, because I did not know where he was…I kept my phone number the same because each year, regardless of where he was in the world he would call me on our birthday…but one year, he didn’t call. And each year after…no call. I hoped for the best but for all the searching and praying in the world, I could not find him, and for all those years he did not call…

Then I received a message that his ex had found him…in prison. He had been there for several years and still had more than a few to serve… I wrote him a long letter and sent it right away. He tells me that was the happiest day of his life, because it was the day he got his family back. From that moment on, we have been united and in touch constantly.

He is “free” now, he served his time, paid his debt…and he is clean and happy. I actually have never met a person who is happier to be alive, and who loves his family so very much. I am very proud of my brother ~ he turned his life around.

Of course, there’s so much more that I could write here…but be sure…

I love my twin brother ~ I think he is the BEST! :)

Thank you for asking SG, it has been nice typing this as it reminds me of how blessed we are to have each other. :)

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My preference too

chewing on crayons won’t give you sinus infections.

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h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté

dr. phensy ~

is that your final diagnosis?

get to the doctor YOU!

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You are not bratty… at all. It’s questions like this that help me remember that I do like being a mom. I love it. I eat up every moment because… they are just so full of life. Their little eyes are so bright and they are so funny, and sweet… just very very much toddlers. I’m happy that I have a place here on 43things to talk about the crazy things that happen with these crazy girls. If I didn’t I really would go mad. I mean it’s everyday that she sticks things up her nose… I think Gandhi should come over and babysit.

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at this age?

Yes its normal… kinda. Kids are learning and exploring their bodies at this age. She’s been kinda stuffy so I wonder if she does it to make herself feel better.

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