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okay here goes again

it’s been a tough week, what with asthma, then bronchitis, then sore throat, then ear infection that does not want to go away. plus this means that i won’t be able to go to boston to visit my friend, a trip i’ve been looking fwd to for months. plus having to use vacation days for my sick time, as don’t have enough sick days.

so this happy/grateful goal is imperative to do, asap, as i’m losing perspective.

1. glad that i don’t have to be alone in my sickness – am at my parents’ home
2. getting yummy homecooked food from my mom
3. got to go to the doctor yesterday to get to bottom of this


wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

I'm so sorry to hear

that illness has preempted your trip. I hope you are able to fit in a lot of excellent reading as you recover.

RuthG lives.

So sorry

you’ve been under the weather SO LONG! And that the trip won’t happen as you planned. But thank God for family to lean on. Get better SOON, hon!

Librarian dancing with hope and determination

That sucks

but I’m so glad you are able to get mom care!

yes indeed

should count my blessings here.

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