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marycath06 is an Extroverted Healthy Builder

clean my room (read all 11 entries…)
Reading back on these entries I've done a lot!

I’m very proud of myself for everything that I’ve done. A before picture wouldn’t have done anything justice because you wouldn’t have been able to see the clutter tucked away in drawers, closets, in boxes, and under the bed. It’s things that I’ve always had that I’ve forgotten about. When I think about it, my room is now very livable or will be after some last steps.

Since I’ve been home, I moved all of the wedding stuff into the living room. I put the moving boxes in my closet. I plan to pack what I can in them, then move them to another room, so I can put art supplies in the closet. Looking around my room now, the only clutter I see are the art supplies boxes and boxes of things I am moving. Since I have to live here for 3 more weeks, I’m going to put the boxes up in a room no one uses much.

These are the main things I need to do. I think I’ll be able to mark this done soon, because anything else unseen I can make into smaller goals! These goals could be things like “Organize my scrapbook stuff” and “Pack for Ohio” and my current goal “Organize and reduce my art supplies.” I’m very proud of myself. I know that many people have moved in their lifetime and gotten rid of things, but this is my first time to do this in 22 years so that many years worth of stuff is a lot to handle. I’ve done well :)



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