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How To Love Myself

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love myself

W – WATER- drink lots of water every day, at least two litres all during the day, makes my thinking clearer and makes me feel much better right away

A – ATTITUDE – Have a positive and realistic attitude towards life all along the day. Not always imagine that because the others have negative reactions it is caused by me in some way, maybe they are just having a bad day

S – SLEEP – I need about 8 hours of sleep a day. When I don’t get it, I get cranky and it is more difficult for me to maintain a positive attitude all during the day especially at the little curve balls life inevitably throws at me

C – CLEAN – This may sound silly but when my work/home/car environment is clean I feel much better more relaxed and less anxious, I have less thoughts of “Goodness! I’m forgetting something, but what?!” I also have a positive attitude towards myself – positive self-image

O – ORGANISE – I need to organise myself, make lists of things to do, have my calendar, remind myself of my priorities, focus on what I really need (not what I think I want momentarily) and think of the long term consequences of my actions (I’m quite impulsive and easily distracted by whatever looks like the most fun thing to do at the moment…)

R – ROUTINES – a sequence of tasks that I carry out every day or every week helps me keep on target, helps me keep my house clean (more or less) and gets the house chores done. Without routines my life basically falls apart: the kitchen gets messy the husband gets angry, the children get hungry, all those things are not good for me! As you have probaly guessed I’m an adept of FLYing (Finally Loving Yourself) and Flylady and her team. I’ve learned many things over the past 5 years but I must say, what I learned through Flylady has been THE most useful, interesting, supportive and WONDERFUL thing as well as completely and uterly FREE, didn’t cost me a thing!

E – EXERCISE – I need to exercise every day. I walk 15-20 minutes every day on weekdays! Go me! I should be doing another 15-20 minutes of walking every evening for my legs (bad circulation!)


Hey, this is a great idea! I really like it!!

Thanks! Tell me how it works out for you.

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