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lovingeveryminute ...is reclaiming my writing nest!

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Sometimes the world can change instantly.

This is ♥Orion♥. He was born March 20, 2000 in a box on my back porch. On Tuesday, May 11, 2010, while I was away from home, having a wonderful day of painting with my mom and my friend, a neighborhood dog killed him. :(

He was an especially sweet kittyboy. He loved to be brushed and would always come and sit on my chair and purr while I was reading, and (mostly) would stay off of whatever I was doing. His nickname became Böbenah because he was such a cuddly boyness.

Now he is gone and my world is different. Better for having had such a faithful pet, but sadder for a while because I miss him.



I am so sorry. That’s terrible. It sounds like he was a wonderful kitty friend.

lovingeveryminute ...is reclaiming my writing nest!

He was. :)

Thanks. And your sweet BJ gives you that same kind of feeling, I’m sure. In fact, BJ’s story reminds me to be thankful. Orion was 10 years old and I didn’t have to deal with the long, drawn-out part this time—just a hard shock. Bless you and sweet BJ for your cheers. :)

Jessy sweet enough without sugar

So sorry. :(

He was a lovely kitty.

lovingeveryminute ...is reclaiming my writing nest!

He was indeed. :)

I enjoy your kitty pictures, Jessy! They make me smile. Thanks for the comforting words. :)

Colleen_C_C * holding the people of MH370 & their loved ones in my thoughts *


feel free to share more stories and photos with us, if you think it might help with the sadness?

I am truly sorry for your loss.


wren You'll not see nothing like the mighty wren!

I'm so sorry to read

about this. What an awful experience.

My much-beloved dog, Sadie, died nearly six months ago. Losing a pet is a terribly painful experience. I have been writing about her and also made a shrine to her memory and made several donations to animal charities in her name. Those things helped me a little bit in dealing with the pain.

SlayneB is back again on 43 things.

I'm so sorry about your Orion

he was a lovely cat, and sounds like a terrific companion.

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