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Spring Cleaning: Mix CDs

This one is just sad. I know I have a mix CD in me somewhere, and I technically have an address to send it to. I’m just being lame and lazy and not putting one together. So, sometime in the next two weeks, before I move apartments, I’m going to put this together, and send it off, and hopefully the recipient of my CD won’t be too upset at the lateness of the delivery. Because this is ridiculous.

In order to ensure that I make this soon, I am going to get a theme right now. Let’s see…okay. My theme is going to be Canada. Because it’s where I’m from, and I think most people have a pretty bad idea of what our music is like. Nickleback, Celine Dion, Rush…yeah, there’s a lot more to us than that. So there you go. That’s the hardest part down. Now it’s just a half-hour of searching through my music collection, and I’ll be good. Sigh. I am really a horrible procrastinator.



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