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walk a million steps this spring (read all 3 entries…)
Over one million trod!

Sunday to Sunday
May 09: 17,775
May 10: 28,909
May 11: 17,089
May 12: 29,281
May 13: 20,065
May 14: 32,594
May 15: 16,610
May 16: 18,005
= 180,328!!

New step count: 1,008,091!!! I did it!
(plus 27,000+ today, but I didn’t need those ones to hit one million mark.)

I’m checking this off! Not that I’m going to stop now, I’ll keep stepping and stepping and stepping. I’ll keep track somewhere…


renewalsh A Burchell's Coucal, like the one in my garden


for healthifulness (a la snowleopard!)

Well done!

(I had a pedometer briefly but discarded it after it took a tumble into the loo!)

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