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get revenge

I hate that bitch,stupid whore, she thinks she can treat people like that especially people that love her……... She manipulates, lies,cheats but worst of all she finds a way to take everything you have, confidence,love, trust, hope etc…i hate you bitch, I will never forget and that is delibrate so that one day i will get my revenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck you, fuck you, fuck you!!!!!!!!!!!! enjoy your life with fakes that surrond you whore!!!!!!!!! enjoy him untill your insatiable appetite for new cock returns….you have no idea what you have created in me, thats what happens when you take everything away from someone to make yourself feel good!!!!!!! One day bitch!!!! one day real soon, you will get what you truelly dedserve, I would say go to hell but considering your lucifer and made of pure evil, you’ll probably enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!!! I have nothing left because of you, not even hope….you will pay for this bitch, keep doing what your doing, treat people like shit, like you have all your life….all i can say is real soon…


theundeadX tastes like slurpies

Fuck yeah.

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