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tell my dad what an asshole he is
my dad's a pastor, and a complete fucking asshole

My dad is the biggest hypocrite you will ever meet, but then again you would have no clue unless you were his family. He pretends to be some saint pastor, but i know in reality he is a fucking fake and is going to hell. He preaches on Sundays and consels people and acts completely different at church, but the minute he gets home he’s just some douche who’s on the computer all day who doesn’t give a fuck about anyone else. What an awesome life dad, just awesome. I honestly feel sorry for the poor people that you are fooling cause truly all you are is some lying, cheating, short-termpered porn-watching, dibshit asshole of a father who screwed me over. Good job, really. I swear this guy gets angry over the stupidest things, it makes me want to bang my head into a fucking brick wall. He’s also some sort of living, breathing, walking , not to mention soul-sucking paradox. My dad says that family is so important and that we should treasure the time we have together, yet he makes no effort to spend time with us whatsoever. He’s on his goddam computer 24/7. He doesn’t even eat dinner at the dinner table. He yells at me for watching bad t.v about romance and vampires (yet he’s the one watching porn while writing his sermons) and my mom freaks out thinking i’m some sort of idiot that is going to follow the example of ever single goddam thing i watch. Well if that is what she thinks than maybe i will. My parents have no trust, faith or hope in me whatsoever. All my dad ever sees in me are my mistakes and what i do wrong. It’s no wonder i hate myself, and am depressed and suicidal. To my parents i’m worthless unless i’m some smiley jolly, church loving shit head. My father honestly does not know how to care for or love another human being does he? All he can do is put others down, and maybe feel remotely better about how fucked up his own life is. My mom tells me i have a bad spirit and how i use to be soooo good, and my dad points out all the things i do wrong. Oh yea? well i can point out 100 times more things wrong with you you dick, and as for my spirit, its goddam better than yours suck on that, fuckhole!



my friends dad iz a pastor and she said the EXACT same things u r saying about ur dad…well some things are different. I didnt really believe it cuz whenever i went ova to her house he was ALWAYS sooo nice…i dont go to church really unless i go with one of my friends…but i thought she was just saying stuff like tht cuz he wouldnt let her do stuff she wanted…but then one day when i was sleeping over at her house, her mom didnt tell her dad that i was sleeping ova…when she was sorta telling him he flipped out and started cursing! i was in shock cuz it didnt seem like him!!! then my friend was all like ” thts how it ALWAYS is around here.” Now that i hear your story i can really believe it….....All i can say is stand up to your dad no matter wat he will say just say whaat u wrote down here…well i recomend not using so much curse words since ur dad iz a pastor….

Ha! thanks for the advice. Yea, its suprising how many “religious” people are so far from, but I guess some people can’t help being conciousless hypocritcal douchebags, but then again i guess and hope that there are also honest, genuine people out there. but, who knows. My dad is quite an enigma, but i’ll try my best to stand up for myself when he is being an unreasonable ass…that is without getting my head beat into a pulp lol


Your dad sounds just like my dad,A fucked up asshole with many problems and wont talk about them he would rather keep them to himself and bring his whole family down with him,I can no longer communicate with my father all he does is sit on the computer all day and drink,He is an abusive arrogant rude drunk and gets angry over the slightest of things he constantly put me down as a child & never really was a father figure for me,My mum says “he’s your dad and that’s just the way he is” yeah well if that’s just the way he is how come he is so nice when we have a guest or guests over he acts like the big caring respectful father and real gentleman yeah then when the guests go home he’s back to his arrogant drunken abusive self,All you can do is just ignore him I know the tension is hard but your father needs to know what an asshole he is and has become,Don’t waste your energy hating on him or tolerating his behavior just keep well clear of him,Or talk to some-one maybe from the church about just what an asshole and hypocrite he is or test his patience have a guest over and do something to piss him off and see if he reacts if he goes crazy then you can say “see what I mean this is what he is like”

Yeup, thats my dad. A fucked up asshole with many problems. You’re right, sometimes the tension between me and him sky rocket, but its pretty much useless wasting my time hating him. I guess some things about him will never change and i have to except that, cause you know how thick headed asian men are lol Haha, and maybe i will try to do something that will piss him off in front of guests. It’d be pretty damn funny

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