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rasing self esteem

written by James Crowley,

Rasing your self esteem is not easy because not much people have confident in them selves because either they are getting picked on or have not confidence in there self what so ever so you have to pilot your own life and have confidence in your self or you are going to end up getting bullied all your life or not getting a very good job because you dont have confidence in your self ao have confidence in your self. this is one example of what i mean “i am not going to let bob pick on me no more so i cant get a good job so i am going to stand up to him and show him who i really am. hey bob i am ross and i am now going to stand up to bullies and not going to let them pick on me any more and disrupt my education so either leave me alone or i will rip your head off ok so get lost and leave me and all my friends alone or you will end up in hospital ok” well taht is what i mean so have confidence in your self and dont let anyone harm or hurt you if they do tell someone so my motto is pilot your own life and dont let any people walk all over you stand up for your self.

james crowley
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