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Follow the No-S Diet
diets are bad

Diets ARE bad. I firmly believe this. And yet I need rules. Enter the No-S Diet.

I don’t have a hard time following it. As my husband says, “I guess if this is what it takes for you not to eat doughnuts at the office, sure, why not?” And that’s basically what it amounts to.


Jessy sweet enough without sugar

I never knew what the

“S” stood for till now.

I am sure I could deal with no seconds. I might be able to deal with no sweets by using a ton of willpower. But no snacks! Yikes!

Then again, they are allowed on Saturdays and Sundays. I might try it, too, Asterisk. My thing about diets is they are too complicated and require measuring, counting calories, writing down foods . . . I never stick with that.

the no snacks thing

REALLY works for me, because I’m often at work until 7:30, and it takes me an hour to get home, so I get tempted to hit the vending machines at work first. Bad idea.

I do buy his reasoning that in a perfect world, a bunch of small meals is the way to go, but that in practice you won’t eat any less at dinner just because you snacked first.

And WORD about the counting/measuring/whatever. How could that possibly work in the long term?

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