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lose weight (read all 71 entries…)

Well the other day the scales flashed at 120 lbs, although I think realistically I’m more 121-122.
However, despite feeling pleased, I’m worried that once I lose this weight (if I even manage it) it’ll just pile back on when I’ve finished my goal and stop paying such close attention to it.
It seemsthe weight can take three months to come off but two weeks to go back on! How is that possible!
So yeah, I’m feeling disheartened that I can’t seem to help but view this diet/exercise as a temporary thing to reach a goal and then it’ll all come back on once I return to ‘normal’, as I always seem to balance out around 124.
I know the answer is some sort of permanent life change, but that means that eating/exercising ‘right’ will always be a challenge to stay on track as it’s not naturally what I want to do and when I do what is natural I’m 124 lbs at best :(

Even if we reach the target and finally lose the last pound, is this actually a life-long goal?



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