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Name 10 songs that over the course of time, have meant something to me, and say why (read all 5 entries…)
#5. Secret Heart

I still think of myself as shy. As a kid, I hid behind my mom’s legs when strangers talked to me. In school, I never spoke unless spoken too. But somewhere in the past few years, I’ve grown out of that. I was shocked when my friends and I were playing one of those “Let’s Describe Everyone in 3 Adjective Games.” For me, they picked outgoing. I never really realized how much things can change.

The song Secret Heart by Feist (but written by another artist I think) didn’t necessarily make me outgoing. However, it was a song I loved, and it came to me at a time when I was so shy that I wasn’t speaking up for myself or how I felt. The song itself addresses a girl who is keeping her feelings about a boy to herself. While this wasn’t really happening to me at the time, a bunch of lines still applied and made standing up for myself seem so easy:

“Go tell him how you feel.”
“Come out and share it/ This loneliness, few can bear it.”
“What are you so afraid of?”

These verses make assertiveness seem so easy. So, even though I’m coming to think of myself as outgoing now, I still love this song for its continued reminder to stand up for myself and what I feel.


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