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energy enjoys girl scout cookies. Also cookies of all kinds.

stop buying things i dont need. (read all 6 entries…)
calling it good

With the exceptions of candy and books, I have been really great about this for more than a solid month now.

I have simply stopped going into certain stores all together. I never shop go shopping without a list, not just for groceries either. Before I go to Target (or similar shopping-spree inducing store) I’ll make a list like: “kitty litter, vacuum bags, moisturizer” and I try not to buy anything thats not on the list.

I also have my list of “things I don’t need” memorized and am able to stop myself before buying things that are on it.


good idea

I like your idea about not going into stores. Even though I LOVE going into stores (even the grocery store), I’m going to try this. I’ll have to include online stores, which I am pretty addicted to.

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