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meditate daily (read all 11 entries…)
This is a habit

I’ve had for several years so I didn’t think I would have to put it on my list. But since about 6 months ago I’ve found it hard to maintain daily meditation. I’ve been very busy and it’s been difficult to make time for those 20 minutes I usually set aside for it. I know that I feel so much better when I meditate…more peace, flow, balance, inspiration & creativity. So I really want to find back to it. It’s important and I need to make it a priority!


tractorum peace to you


and we know the rest of that writing…

cheers and light alway.

in daily meditation lies the…..... ..... ...........
danke leben ..danke gott

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...we know the rest…Thanks for great support : )

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Rhoswen is listening to a mixtape

Thank you : )

It’s still difficult for me to find time for meditation, but I am doing my best…

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