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PhoenixTail is ready for an adventure.

Go to a rave (read all 3 entries…)
Still love raving!

I still fucking love raving, and I have raved sober more often than I have raved on substances.
I feel like I need to defend it. Ravers are not all druggies. In fact, many ravers don’t even do drugs. I would greatly appreciate all the close-minded individuals to look past the “negative” aspects that irresponsible individuals give to raving.
You know, lots of other “scenes” have drugs. People just hate on raves because talking about pot heads at rock shows have gotten old. See? Stereotypes.
I loooove raving, and it’s made me a great person. I’ve met so many people, and have made so many friends. If you wanna rave, do IT! Don’t let somebody else tell you not to. Seriously, you don’t have to be on drugs. If you decide to be on substances get INFORMED and HYDRATE!!! I can’t stress that enough. And don’t overdo it either.
Anyway, rave on guys!!!


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