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Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Embody the warrior spirit (read all 13 entries…)
I have developed the habit of not

taking Nick out in the van unless we have another person with us. Something always seems to happen, and fixing that something has required everything from industrial-strength magnets (I keep one in the van now) to shovel handles (ditto, keep a shovel in the van) to special metal wheelchair tracks (carry those too). Fixing that something has also required people from doctors coming out of the office to push the wheelchair out of rain-soaked ground to paramedics helping to get Nick back in the chair.

But when Nick wanted to go out today, I asked myself what a warrior woman would do, and a couple of hours later, we were on the road to the movie theater to see The A-Team.

Did something happen? Of course. The brakes went out in the van. I was saying to Nick, “The stopping distance is awfully long with these brakes today,” and “Is the brake pedal supposed to go all the way to the floor?”

But by then, we were halfway to the theater. Does a warrior woman need brakes? Well, she strongly prefers them, but I did not turn back. I thought there might be a Tires Plus or some such nearby. We did not pass one, so I pulled into the theater parking lot.

The theater closest to our home has the best handicapped parking anywhere, with a couple of big van-sized spaces with room to let down the wheelchair lift. The manager was outside smoking a cigarette, and she told us that next time, we could just pull up to one of the ramps and leave the van there (they are a bit of a distance from the handicapped spot). The ticket salesperson left her window to hold a door for us, and the popcorn lady urged us to wait an extra 30 seconds for the fresh, hot popcorn. I really appreciate the way people go the extra mile for Nick.

The A-Team was pure fun and excitement, and after it was over, I decided to just chance the ride home and take it slow. There was little traffic, and all went well.

I am going to call Triple-A for a tow truck tomorrow and have them take it . . . somewhere. The Ford dealership, maybe . . . they have a great repair shop and are very honest. Tires plus . . . very close by if they do things like brake fluid, which may be all I need.

Anyway, I am glad we went out, and I think more weekend activities are in store.


h.g. ~happiness Grateful & Abundant ❤ IL&G ❤ Namasté

Dear Warrior Woman ~

Sounds like a great day!

Please do get AAA to come and take care of those brakes!


Jessy sweet enough without sugar

What a very cool picture!

Yes, calling AAA and the Ford place this morning.

thanks, h.g.!

Well done...

Warrior Woman!

Glad it all went nearly to plan. Hope the van’s brake problems are relatively easy to fix :)

Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Thank you, Nonna . . .

“Nearly to plan” is good enough sometimes, and I am going to get the van checked out today!

I'm so glad you went out

and more importantly, that you made it home safe and sound. I hope the problem turns out to be very minor.

P.S. A Warrior Woman might be able to check and fill the brake fluid herself.

Jessy sweet enough without sugar

Thank you, Flirt!

Ha! Checking and filling the brake fluid may be in the Texas Warrior Woman’s manual, but my manual says “Call AAA. Sit on porch and fan self till they get there.” ;)

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