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The Rains In

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Kisses In The Rain

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charbox27 This mixture of feelings is foreign to me. It's tiring.

kiss in the pouring rain
Kisses in the Rain

It was raining once again in ever-wet, little Berea, KY. This time it was truly pouring and it had been very hot the day before so it was a warm rain. My boyfriend and I had been hanging out in the lobby of my dorm, playing Scattergories with a couple of friends, and we decided to go play in the rain together. My other friends wouldn’t do it, but he got me out there. I didn’t want to at first because I thought it would be cold out there, but as soon as I got in (haha just like a pool) the water was fine. We ran around and got soaked and then he brought me further away from the building where we would be less likely to be seen. He picked me up and spun me around and then kissed me. Then he said, “Hey, it’s like we’re in The Notebook.” It was so sweet. I couldn’t believe he said it. Then we lay down in the grass next to one another and just lay there getting soaked. It was so much fun.


Oh,so sweet :)

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