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Compassionist Thank YOU for being you. http:/

First live and help live then die and help live
Please note that from 8 June 2010

Please note that from 8 June 2010 I have been posting as Compassionist here. Thank you for reading this message. Thank you for being you. You are a luminous candle in the dark.

~~~ Luminous Poems by a Luminous Candle ~~

~~ WHEN ~~

When we die, leaving our love to live,
Others live, in our footprints.
When we are afraid yet fight the fear,
We rise to the challenge.
When we can discuss, without argument,
We reach agreements.
When we do, the right thing the right way,
We live ethically.
When we can commit but not be obsessed,
We enjoy devotion.
When we walk, in shoes, mine and yours,
We have empathy.
When we are open-minded, yet sceptical,
We sieve the truth from the lies.
When we lose our way but never despair,
We blaze new trails.
When we follow rules, making wise exceptions,
We live by wisdom.
When we appreciate, who we are,
We have happiness.

~~ How I lost my temper! ~~

Once upon a life,
I was walking on time.
But something happened,
And I missed a chime.
So I lost my temper,
As it rolled down my past.
And since the past is past -
I can never lose it again,
From the time, I saw it last!

~~ The Pendulum Swings ~~

The pendulum swings,
Resurrecting memories…

A portrait of disbelief,
Disbelief, painted in tears.
The silent screams of disbelief,
The disbelief of blood.

They say, every second, two of us
shuffle off this mortal coil.
They say, every second, five new faces
join this eternal toil.

Where from? Where to? Who?
How long do we have?
And Why?

Why not?

And more faces.

Life goes on.
The meandering cascade.

This ends.
The story, of course, never does.

  • Dedicated to the memory of my best friend, Mushfiq,
    who was killed on 18 May 1998. *

~~ Such Flows the River of Life ~~

I have reaped harvests I have not sown.
As have you. As have others.

I have reaped harvests of my own sowing.
As have you. As have others.

I will not reap all the harvests of all my sowing.
Nor will you. Nor will others.

We are all sowers.
We are all reapers.
We are one.

Causality binds us.
Causality frees us.
Causality rules us.
Causality obeys us.

Such flows the river of life.
Through the fabric of reality.

~~ WHEN (The Really Long Version) ~~~

When you take to at least one of these lines,
We make a start.
When we can trust ourselves in any situation,
We are ready for life.
When we dream and live our dreams,
We make them real.
When we think and voice our thoughts,
We have dialogues.
When we feel and share our feelings,
We feel intimate.
When we truly show our faces,
We unmask ourselves.
When we observe without condemning,
We truly love.
When we can talk and listen, really listen,
We have a conversation.
When we plan and change those plans,
We get to taste the fruition.
When we nurture the heat of life in the handful of dust,
We enjoy the warmth of life.
When we walk in the rain, like walking on sunshine,
We turn the winter into the summer.
When we do nothing yet not die of boredom,
We spend time in meditation.
When we are afraid yet fight the fear,
We have a hero to lead us.
When we die, leaving our love to live,
Others live, in our footprints.
When we fall into the hole and jump right out,
We transcend adversity.
When we give, without needing to receive,
We get to give, the gift of receiving.
When we don’t stink like a skunk when hurt,
We have forgiveness and reconciliation.
When we can discuss, without argument,
We reach agreements.
When we can lie, for truth’s sake,
We live for the truth.
When we lose, yet really win,
We know that life’s not a rat race.
When we cry and can splash rainbows,
We get to join in and splash some more.
When we can boldly go, where we haven’t been before,
We leave a trail to follow.
When we smile and it’s not fake,
We smile too, by our tear lake.
When we can ask, with dignity,
We get to give, with respect.
When we believe and act on faith,
We see that, faith works.
When we fly, despite no wings,
We are inspired, to reach for the zenith.
When our heads and hearts are one,
We have inner peace.
When we stand up and be counted,
We have someone to count on.
When our work lasts an eternity,
We achieve immortality.
When we take one fleeting moment and make it count,
We make our lives, worth every minute.
When we can ask ‘Why Not?’, as well as ‘Why?’
We take steps, towards change.
When we see through cynicism and beyond it,
We have a vision of realism.
When we work smart, rather than trudge,
We love our work.
When we have confidence, without the arrogance,
We have a reassuring credence.
When we talk with the young and the aged,
We bridge the generation gap.
When we do the right thing the right way,
We, live ethically.
When we are strong yet gentle,
We bond and stay bonded.
When we teach, with clarity, not confusion,
We spread our knowledge.
When we wait, in anticipation, without worry,
We don’t, get irritated.
When we combine the steady with the fickle,
We survive, the dice of causality.
When we can perceive without prying,
We communicate, sensitively.
When we control, yet, not be controlling,
We share our freedom.
When we know and break our limits,
We improve.
When we can commit but not be obsessed,
We enjoy devotion.
When we can hold each other, without suffocation,
We get to comeback, to each other.
When we empower with our power.
We reign, as equals.
When we are passionate but can keep our head,
We keep our hearts together.
When we do what we say,
We see that it can be done.
When we can evaluate without criticism,
We create solutions to problems.
When we praise without flattery,
We cradle confidence.
When we can walk, in shoes, mine and yours,
We have true empathy.
When we strive but bypass the rat race,
We remain human.
When we grasp a dream, without crushing it,
We stand to make the dream real.
When we can reason, as well as feel,
We lead, a balanced life.
When we make mistakes and learn from them,
We, earn our redemption.
When we turn crap into compost,
We make our lives bloom.
When we believe, in the presence of doubts,
We, make miracles.
When we live mindful till our last breath,
We, really live.
When we pull our weight, plus delegate,
We, lighten the burden.
When we live to live and not to win,
We enjoy life.
When we are open minded, yet sceptical,
We sieve the truth from the lies.
When we can balance, on a tight rope,
We walk, in a straight line.
When we’re wise yet not patronise,
We spread our wisdom.
When we are enlightened but not esoteric,
We shine our light for all.
When we use discretion before we speak,
We cherish trust.
When we think before we speak,
We, say what we mean.
When we are serious but just enough,
We prosper in fun.
When we follow rules, making wise exceptions,
We, live by wisdom.
When we hold Destiny and redesign it,
We, curve our lives.
When we don’t know, still take a chance,
We realise possibilities.
When we dominate and are dominated,
We are equals.
When we spot needs and address them,
We live in fulfilment.
When we make money without greed,
We have a tool for living.
When we use our heads, in tune with our hearts,
We live in harmony.
When we keep fit in boday and mind,
We live long, without stagnation.
When we do, what we can,
We fulfil our potentials.
When we have a conscience, free of guilt,
We are, beyond reproach.
When we see with rainbow eyes,
We really appreciate life.
When we are assertive, without aggression,
We stay within our rights.
When we can think and apply those thoughts,
We truly make a difference.
When we value, ourselves and others,
We build bridges.
When we give, as well as take,
We have a business.
When we are clever but not cocky,
We shine our wits.
When we are observant, without spying,
We come to comprehend.
When we remember and see connections,
We find new insights.
When we push but do not shove,
We are motivated.
When we live and touch other lives,
We become, each other.
When we speak and speak with style,
We are amused.
When we help yet preserve independence,
We serve to empower.
When we take the bad with the good,
We accept life with all its variety.
When we philosophise and live accordingly,
We, live profoundly.
When we lose our way but never despair,
We, blaze new ways.
When we appreciate, who we are,
We have happiness.
When we focus, on the journey, rather than its end,
We travel light – that’s light hearted.
When we can talk big but are not pompous,
We really inspire.
When we believe that our thoughts can change the world,
We reshape this world.
When we see science in art and vice versa,
We complete the circle.
When we face death, with deep calm,
We die, in peace.
When we can show, the patterns in all things,
We see life, as the fractal, it really is.
When we believe in life, with honest awareness,
We value life without distortion.
When we grieve those gone but not die with them,
We make the memories, live within.
When we fall but rise one more time than you fell,
We turn failure into success.
When we take rejection as an opportunity,
We truly open new doors.
When we take things and make things happen,
We, have innovation.
When we use a dip, as a spring board,
We, reach higher heights.
When we stay steady, with the unpredictable,
We dance to life.
When we, take to some of these lines,
We are making it.
When we, take to most of these lines,
We are in great shape.
When we love, without condition and expectation,
We live by true love.
When we have it all and let it all go,
We, live freely.
When we follow ALL these lines, all of the time,
We have made the journey.
When we get moved to tears and move others, too,
We, touch souls.
When we promise, only that we will keep,
We, truly deliver.
When we suffer but not grow bitter,
We, walk the rainbow.
When we reach the end of our tether, yet hold on with hope,
We, catch the rainbow.
When we start with a purpose and adapt the purpose,
We, do what we want to.
When we can take one small step, that’s a giant leap for mankind,
We, reach the moon of ambition.
When we weave the ‘Why?’ and the ‘Why Not?’
We become dream weavers.
When we use the Earth and not abuse it,
We save it, for posterity.
When we are good, at not being bored,
We, have an interesting time.
When we accept our limits yet feel adequate,
We have self-esteem.
When we combine, madness with sanity,
We get true genius.
When we have more of speed and less of haste,
We make good time.
When we are friendless and give friendship,
We, gain new friends.
When we be an angel, yet remain mortal,
We are good people.
When we dig deep and dig laterally,
We comprehend, the contradictions.
When we have interest and keep at it,
We go the distance.
When we face hate, with serene detachment,
We shake hands.
When we paint the gray, with infinite colours,
We bask, in warm wonder.
We have shared before, we will share again,
We live only once,
Let’s treasure each day we get.


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