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Juggling act

Today I will attempt to get several balls into the air. First, more coffee… then I’d like to put at least an hour apiece into the following:

  • Cleaning the house
  • Touching base with friends and family
  • Exercise
  • Catching up on entries here
  • Starting my new project

I’m starting (now!) in the dish rampant kitchen, have a long-overdue Skype date with a faraway friend set up for later this afternoon, and downloaded the next 3 projects this morning. I’m planning to take a “break” at 3:00 to watch TV while doing a Wii free run, and hopefully I’ll return here later if I have any juice left. That’s the plan, and I’ll try to stick to it. Maybe I should put some honey on my hands first…


RM There are better days ahead!

That’s usually what my day looks like too, minus the Skype. Hahaha. Good luck to you! Hope it went as planned.
But the most crucial ingredient…more coffee!!!

Harmless Dilettante What I should have said was nothing.

Cool Pic

I always enjoy your posts and your well chosen pictures. ”... put some honey on my hands first,” just made me laugh. Even if you don’t manage to be a multi-tasking goddess today, you’ve already me made me smile. Thanks!

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