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take a spontaneous trip
Ayr, Scotland

Yes, I was already in Scotland when I did this. But I decided one day to go to Glasgow Central, take a look at the departures board and just go wherever suited me at that particular moment. I was sort of thinking of heading up to the highlands, but there wasn’t anything leaving for Fort William within the hour. Instead I got a ticket for Ayr and was on my way out of Glasgow 10 minutes later.

I’ve never been to Ayr before; just seen it from elsewhere. The beach there is quite nice, but not as good as Troon. I took a very long walk to a castle ruin that I spotted when I got to the water, and in the end I spent about 4 hours there. It was great! I really appreciated just being able to decide where to go on a whim like that. If I had a car or access to a real rail system, it’s something I’d do more often for sure.


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