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become a werewolf (read all 8 entries…)
spirit guide and p-shift and m-shift

i finally found my spirit guide! and i practed on p-shifting and m-shifting last night! i have gotten so close to finnally p-shifting lay in my bed and conentrait!my whole body burns and shakes when i shift! and my heart beats really fast! i think i have gotten taller and i sleep all the time in the afternoon i hate sleeping at night!
i always want to either learn about wolves on my computer or watch the forest and moon!
PS. my spirit guide is a silver/grey/white wolf with brown eyes. and her name is bauge! when she told me i had never had heard of a name like that then she spelled it in my head! i was surprised cause i had never heard of bauge before! and its wierd that she faintly talks like a real spirit. i asked her about p-shifting and she said im really close and to never give up! she looks like this



I can’t find my spirit guide but i think i have he is a Black Wolf :P his name is Tsurian and he spelt it in my head 2 ZOMG!!!!!!!!!! when he spelt it in my head it had the name inside a lil black box it looked awesome!!!

then tsurian is your spirit guide! congrats! now you hould practice m-shifting and p-shifting and imagine that you are tsurian!

Me to

I found my spirit wolf three days ago. She’s black with reddish patchs. And her name aslo was spelled in my head a name I never heard before(Keisha). So I think that all spirit guide names spell it out. It sooo… Cool!


how do u find out your spirit guide???


I want to:
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